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QUADS Content: Session 3, Week 2

Before reading our chapter (27), read Genesis 25:21-28.

1. Cain and Abel. Isaac and Ishmael. And now Jacob and Esau. Sibling rivalry dominates the story in Genesis… Talk with your group about your siblings. Did you get along? Was there a sort of rivalry between you all? If not siblings, were there people in high school that you had constant conflict with?

2. Referring to Gen. 25:27-28 the way these two brothers are defined is straight-forward. Esau is a tough kid who loves to hunt. Isaac loves him. If Jacob’s description was using today’s modern language he would defined as a sissy, a coward and a mommas-boy. Rebekah loved him. But not only is Jacob a coward, but continue on in ch. 25:29-34. Describe character traits of Jacob in these verses.

3. So Jacob was a total jerk to Esau. He took advantage of him. But read Hebrews 12:16-17. The author defines Esau’s willingness to sell off his birthright for a single meal as unholy (defined as worthless). Esau seems to be in the wrong. What do you think of that?

Now read Genesis 27:1-29.

4. Jacob took advantage of Esau earlier stealing the birthright (the future inheritance - dolla dolla bills, y’all - once Isaac dies) and now Rebekah gets in on the action to deceive her own husband. Many believe this is, at least partially, motivated by her bitterness of Esau and his wives (reference Gen. 26:34-35). Esau married the very people they were told not to marry, the Hittites. But is this deception a sin against Isaac? Is it a sin against Esau? Or is this an act of faith? Reread ch. 25:23 to help with your answer.

5. Read Genesis 50:20. Many believe this verse to be the summary of Genesis 12-50. What man intended for evil, God intended for good. In some mysterious way, what Rebekah (and earlier, Jacob) intended for evil, God intended for good. It’s not just that he scrambled and adjusted his plan, and made their evil decisions into good, but he planned it all along. What do you think of that?

6. What do you make of this deception? Jacob’s name means Deceiver. He is described here as a reprehensible person AND yet, the object of God’s promise. How can this be so?

7. Finish the story, reading Genesis 27:30-46. Read Romans 9:6-13. What do we make of God loving one person and hating the other?

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