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Welcome to RUF Tulsa

We are glad you're here!

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What We Do

God has uniquely positioned RUF at the University of Tulsa to reach students with the good news of Jesus and to equip students to walk faithfully with God on campus, preparing them for a life ahead as servants of Christ in the Church and Commonplace.

We accomplish this through three avenues of ministry: 

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Every Wednesday night at 7:30pm we gather for Large Group in Tyrrell Hall (just north of Bell Plaza) to worship Jesus together. Students lead the service in song and prayer and our Campus Minister, Rev. Caleb Harlan, teaches from God's Word.


We offer off-campus retreats and conferences (including a ski trip in January)! We also have several social events throughout the year that are planned by our student leaders as a way to have fun, meet new friends, and deepen relationships.

Small Groups

Every semester our students lead and host small groups in their apartments. This is a great way to meet new people in a more intimate setting, and have a space to talk about life and explore the Bible with others!

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What We Value

We value the Gospel. The gospel is good news. It is news that God, by His grace, has come to rescue and renew the people and world He loves through the work of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the heart of RUF.

We value People. RUF seeks to welcome and befriend all kinds of people because God, by his grace, has done the same for us. 

We value Community. The gospel not only reconciles us to God but also to one another.

We value the University. Our hope is that as the gospel changes us individually and collectively, that TU would be transformed into the very best center of living and learning.

We value the Equipping of Leaders. The gospel provides us with resources for living out our full humanity within the church, culture, and our unique vocations. We are committed to helping one another identify, develop, and exercise the unique set of gifts that God has given us with excellence and distinctiveness so that we might be servant leaders in RUF, our families, churches, the university, business, medicine, government, media, the arts, and so on.

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